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Why People Give to Charity

Alexander Neumeister

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You might be looking into giving yourself or you could just have a wondering why people give their money to charity. It is different for everyone as to the reasoning behind why they might be giving money to charity.

The Feeling

Some people give to charity because it makes them feel good. It boosts their mood knowing that they’re helping others. It empowers people and can make them feel more fulfilled in their lives. Research has shown that giving to charity increase the activity in the pleasure center of the brain. Surveys have also shown that a majority of givers donate due to the enjoyment and fulfillment they feel afterward.

Personal Values

Some people feel that it is their moral obligation to donate to charities. According to a studyadministered to 700 donors, 96 percent felt as though they had a moral duty to use what they had to help others. Giving can be a way to strengthen one’s personal values and be true to their own ethical beliefs.

Tax Benefits

If you itemize deductions, a gift to a qualified charitable organization could entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax. People can donate old clothes, furniture, and equipment that they no longer have a use for and are able to write them off on their taxes. Though there are limits as to how much you can write off, that limit is high and people still make large contributions that can benefit them at the end of that tax year.


Many give to organizations that have to do with a loved one or someone close to them. For example, the neighborhood kids are selling cookies or popcorn for their organizations and since you are close to their parents, you can feel obligated to purchase their items. Or if your family or friends have lost someone to a disease, it may be a group decision to donate to an organization that promotes research for that specific disease.

It is common to want everyone to donate only for the good of the cause, but there are other reasons people may donate. If you are looking for a charity to donate to, no matter what the reason, but don’t know what to pick? Check out How to Choose a Charity for information to help make a better-informed decision!

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