• The past decade has been characterized by unprecedented advances in the understanding of brain mechanisms to explain human behavior. Research conducted under Dr. Neumeister’s leadership has significantly contributed to these advances through countless hours of research and development in multiple studies. These ongoing discoveries contributed to breakthroughs in understanding the effects of stress and trauma; in particular on brain function and its impact on evidence-based treatment development for patients with stress-related psychopathology. These contributions led to an unprecedented expansion of Dr. Neumeister’s research program.



    Dr. Alexander Neumeister is fully committed to every statutory requirement and applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation. However, a rapidly growing program unfortunately led to deficiencies attributed to human error. Dr. Neumeister does not condone these errors and deeply regrets these events, and has strived to correct these errors having been given the opportunity to propose corrective actions. These corrective actions, implemented immediately were accepted by the FDA and brought back the site into compliance with FDA regulations, positively resulting in a resolution of any issues.



    Concerns were raised during the course of these studies regarding the administrative management of several of the funded projects. As of October 2018, a resolution was reached and any irregularities were officially rectified and have been amended. Any ongoing issues have been appropriately resolved on both ends and preventative measures taken to ensure these issues do not arise in the future.



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